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30th August 2009

1:42am: DAMNED II - Call For Dark Art

damned -adj. 1. condemned to eternal punishment. 2. detestable; loathsome. 3. complete; absolute 

Within the word "damned", it is easy to envision devils, Hades and hellfire.  However, damnation may also reflect the eternal condemnation of self and the subtle abuse of one's mind against itself.  It may reflect the emotional trappings within the haunting ghosts of the past.  Perhaps the immeasurable tendrils that bind us to our deepest longings or deprivations.

DAMNED is an exhibition of those extraordinary artists who know that without darkness, there is no light, that beauty does reside within the repulsive and enlightenment within our darkest hours.  This art may be the one true reflection of self that make us balanced within our personal damnations...or possibly it is an expressive visual therapy...or simply a sign that there is something inexplicably damaged inside without comparison.


Artists of all mediums from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit their work for DAMNED. There are no restrictions on genre or content but the more beautifully disturbing or powerfully introspective, the better.

For further information and to submit your art, please visit:

Submission deadline is September 25 2009 and there are no fees for submitting.

On October 29 2009 in Detroit, there will be a congregation of the most controversial fine art artists from across the nation and overseas to display their darkest of creations at DAMNED II.  From the famous to the freshest of talent, this ominous assembly will exhibit a diversity of artistries from the deeply depraved to the intensely introspective guaranteed to intrigue, disturb, captivate or repulse. This is not Halloween-themed art but a submergence within the shadowed realms of consciousness within an intimate ambiance of haunting ethereal soundscapes, intimate gallery vignettes and cirque-inspired stage performances.

Then, on Devil's Night (October 30), we celebrate this artistic submergence with an intimate six-course dinner of aphrodisiac delights followed by a grand ball of masquerade and dance within the milieu of exotic rhythms, floor performances and art.  To nightcap the ball evening, we now welcome the sensuous noir cabaret sounds of Jill Tracy ( in a rare midnight solo performance.

Current confirmed special guests artist for 2009 include HR Giger, Chad M Ward, Christian Correra, Jose Manuel Schmill, Rich Rethorn, Paul Rumsey, John U Abrahamson, William B Hand, JL Robbins, Eli Livingston, Stephen Blickenstaff, Janina Magnussen, Peggy Wauters, Aunia Kahn, Brian Viveros and dozens of other artists from all over the world!

To see the 2008 DAMNED Exhibition, please visit:

DAMNED II - A Dark Fine Art Exhibition
and Formal Masquerade Ball wsg/Jill Tracy
October 29 & 30 2009 - Detroit, MI
Tangent Gallery / Hasting Street Ballroom

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17th July 2009

5:40am: THIS WEEKEND: DVS @ Marquis de Sade Ball

On July 17 and 18 2009, the Society of Erotic Art (formerly the
MidWest Society of Erotic Photography) will exhibit an intimate
showcase of fine fetish art as part of the festivities at the Marquis
de Sade Ball (  Unlike previous exhibitions, this will be themed towards the more extreme realms of erotic art.

event itself is 2 nights and 3 Floors of seductive and stimulating
festivities that include cirque performances, various fetish and
corsetry fashion shows, burlesque, live music, vendors and much more. 
Detailed scheduling can be found at the official website at "".

Doors are open on Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 1pm until 2am both nights.  Advance tickets can be purchased online via TicketWeb.

The Eagle Theater is located at 15 S Saginaw, Pontiac, MI where the old Industry/Have A Nice Day Cafe used to be.


15th May 2009

9:37am: DVS @ the Motor City Comic Con this weekend!
Yep, I'm showing and selling my work at the 20th Anniversary Motor City Comic Con this weekend!  I am bring EVERYTHING I have in stock (old old stuff, rare unseen things and new new stuff) and EVERYTHING MUST GO!  Here is the link for info, if interested:

Look, I'm listed as a comic artist!  :D

8th April 2009

6:56pm: 04/17&18 The Seduction of Art @ CPOP (MWSEP Exhibition w/DVS)

I'll have new never-exhibited work here in a new direction/style...hope to see you there!

CPOP presents: The Seduction of Art

A limited-engagement exhibition from the MidWest Society of Erotic Photography (

Friday • April 17 • 6pm-11pm • 7pm Opening Reception

Saturday • April 18 • 1pm-11pm • 7pm Evening Gala w/ special stringed performance by Dixon

Featuring fine art by: A Owen Layne, AJ Kahn, Allan Teger, Chris Maher, Ckreationz, Dave Levingston, DVS, Eric Cain, Frank Piccolo, Gary Mitchell, Irakly Shanidze, Jim Young, Lisolette Gilcrest, Patricia Izzo and VATO

Gourmet edibles provided by: Silvios and Centerella Inc.

CPOP is located at: 4160 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48226 • 313.833.9901

18th January 2009

12:10pm: Detroit Erotic Meet & Greet, Workshops & Shoot - Dirty Show weekend!
I would like to inform and invite all models and photographers reading of/to the events I am hosting on February 6-8 2009 in Detroit.

MEET & GREET: On Friday February 6 2009, there will be a Meet & Greet for the erotic models and photographers of the Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative shooting event happening the following two days.  The Meet & Greet will begin at 8pm in the lobby bar of the Leland Hotel in downtown Detroit, MI.  There is no cover charge, but it is $3 to park in the hotel's secure fenced parking lot if you are not renting a room. It's a great time to meet other erotic artists and models for DEAC and the Dirty Show. There will be music, drinks, snacks and good times. This will also be announced to Dirty Show feature artists as well so it will be interesting to see who shows up next! You can find further information on our event posts on Model Mayhem and MySpace.

WORKSHOPS: On Saturday February 7, there will be a variety of workshops and seminars designed to cover a diversity of topics presented in large part by the MidWest Society of Erotic Photography and select honored guests. These will range from novice introductions to shooting erotica, post production techniques, exhibiting to marketing erotica, 2257 federal regulations and more including a special guest Q&A presentation by Steve Diet Goedde. Beginning at 10am, these workshops are open to the general public on a first-come basis. See the Official Workshop Schedule for times, course descriptions, related fees and presenter biographies. (psst...I am hosting my own workshop at 1pm)

EROTIC SHOOT: On Saturday February 7 and Sunday February 8, the Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative, a closed shooting event dedicated solely to the creation of fine art erotic photography, will begin at noon until 8pm Sat and 6pm Sun. Shooting styles include, but is not limited to, artistic nudes, fetish, lingerie and pinup. The format is of the pre-scheduled trade variety in one hour intervals predetermined by the models and photographers prior to the event. Photographers and models 18+, from novice to professional, are welcome, but due to the erotic nature of the DEAC, all participants must register to be reviewed for security within our professional and creative event. Visit our Official Website for further details, to register or view the growing Participation List.  You may also visit our forum thread on Model Mayhem.

Hope to see you there!

22nd December 2008

10:53am: Two artists for one cause...the rise against domestic violence
New York artist Katelan Foisy and Detroit photographer DVS have come together to support the rise against a tragedy that befalls hundreds of thousands of women across the country and around the world...domestic violence.  Inspired by DVS' photograph "Sacred Heart", Katelan created a wonderful painting entitled "Nico Elise II" (below) which is now in exhibition at the Femina Potens gallery in San Francisco.  Within the spirit of its feminine divine essence, both artists have decided to donate 100% of their proceeds to two shelters for battered women, Looking for My Sister in Detroit and RAINN in New York, in the sincere hope that this small gesture will help those greatly in need.


(From the Family Violence Prevention Fund)

Prevalence of Domestic Violence

  • Estimates range from 960,000 incidents of violence against a current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend per year1 to three million women who are physically abused by their husband or boyfriend per year.
  • Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime.
  • Thirty percent of Americans say they know a woman who has been physically abused by her husband or boyfriend in the past year.

And this is unfortunately just the beginning of the list.

The original painting is available for purchase on the Femina Potens website, but also please look into your own areas for local shelters to see how you can help.

We thank you sincerely,

Katelan and DVS

20th November 2008

5:38pm: The DAMNED online!

Yes, the photos of the DAMNED exhibition, performances and ambiance are now online! Here is a sample:

Visit the DAMNED gallery here:

6th November 2008

6:04pm: DVS @ Exotica Expo 4 this weekend!
Yes, I'm still busy even after the whole DAMNED show (photos coming soon). Stop by my booth at Exotica ( at iLounge in Pontiac this weekend to say "hello" and grab a couple "I ♥ DVS" cat stickers! Bring me a birthday cookie and I'll give you two! =D

If you can't make the expo, then you better make either the Slick afterparty at Clutch Cargo on Friday or the Skin Two Exotica Ball at Crofoot on Saturday!

The 3 Day Expo will be at CLUTCH CARGOS iLounge, 65 East Huron Pontiac MI 48342

- Over 50 Vendor Booths from across North America, adult toys, BDSM furniture, body jewelry, vintage clothing and much more
- Shop for the best in Fetish Wear and Latex Couture
- Model Salon by Exquisite Restraint Couture Corsetry
- 2 days of Erotic Workshops
- Numerous Live Stage Performances
- DJ's spinning ambient, downtempo, lounge
- Celebrity Meet and Greets
- Contests, Giveaways, Live Demos
- Social Tea Parties with French Maids
- Freakshow Fashion show by Grey Gargoyle


Friday night's party SLICK! is at CLUTCH CARGOS Main Hall and features:

- Official line launch and fashion show by Frenchy LaRue Latex Couture
- Official line launch of Hilary's Vanity fetish/industrial wear
- Fashion shows by Ego Assassin Latex, Ceres Moon Latex, Leather Realm, and much more!
- Numerous Stage Shows
- BDSM Public Play Stations
- Guest DJ Xris from SMack! New York
- Top guest DJ's from across North America to keep you on the dancefloors
- Rub shoulders with the biggest names in the fetish and erotic industry
- Exclusive VIP Lounge
- Join us for the numerous Afterhours Parties


Saturday night's SKIN TWO EXOTICA BALL is at the CROFOOT Ballroom, 1 South Saginaw, Pontiac, MI

featuring live performances by:
- Emily Marilyn and Ruby Luster
- Evil Dolls (Hollywood, CA)
- Chaos Productions
- Miss Pussy Kat
- Pain Tribe
- Vivian Ireene Pierce and Evelyn Rose
- Numerous other live shows by performers yet to be announced
- Ticket Giveaways by Skin Two's Tim Woodward
- Guest DJ Stitch from the band Mushroom Head
- Guest DJ Xris from SMack! New York
- Top guest DJ's from across North America to keep you on the dancefloors
- Exclusive VIP Lounge featuring more intimate shows
- Join us for the numerous Afterhours Parties, including the rumoured poolside party!

4th November 2008

7:54am: Happy Birthday... me...


24th October 2008

12:54pm: DAMNED made the cover of Real Detroit!
Check out DAMNED in Real Detroit this week!

Pick it up at your friendly RD stands everywhere
or view the article online at:

With the full article at:

You can still get your DAMNED souvenier tickets at Showtime Clothing in Detroit, Noir Leather) in Royal Oak and V-Male Vintage Clothing.

Or order them online here via PayPal: [ $5 General Tickets | $25 VIP Tickets ]

Visit the DAMNED MySpace page at "" for details on the show, ticket information, contest giveaways and more!

DAMNED - A Macabre Fine Art Exhibition
Devil's Night - October 30 2008 - Detroit
Tangent Gallery / Hastings St Ballroom
15 Milwaukee St E, Detroit, MI 48202

23rd October 2008

12:34am: DAMNED - A Macabre Fine Art Exhibition - Devil's Night - Detroit


Detroit, MI - On Devil's Night (October 30) 2008 at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings St Ballroom in Detroit, there will be a congregation of 75 of the most malevolent fine art artists from across the nation and overseas to display over 150 of their darkest of creations at DAMNED: A Macabre Fine Art Exhibition (  From Oscar winner HR Giger to the freshest of talent, this sinister assembly will exhibit a diversity of artistries from the deeply depraved to the intensely introspective guaranteed to intrigue, disturb, captivate or repulse.  This is not Halloween-themed art but a submergence within the shadowed realms of consciousness within an intimate ambiance of haunting ethereal soundscapes, refined freakshow vignettes and cirque-inspired stage performances.

DAMNED will feature special performances by the tantalizing circus hellion Miss Pussykatt fresh from her "grinder girl" act on NBC's America's Got Talent.  Other devilish treats include the femme fatale performance troupe Devil Dolls, new dementias from Satori Circus, disturbingly exotic gallery teasers, Devil Girl hostesses, VIP area with an on-site chef, wine tasting, a gallery store to purchase art and much more!  Aurally, the exhibition will be laced with original compositions by Life Toward Twilight and the haunting solo strings of Dixon accompanying the gallery vignettes.

Limited VIP tickets will be available for a most intimate of ambiances with a private two-hour preview of the exhibition with artist reception and special VIP-only vignette performances.  Indulgences include an on-site chef courtesy of Centaur Bar with live preparation of delectable edible temptations, an exotic wine tasting compliments of Farmington Hills Wine & Liquor, a bevy of Devil Girl servers and other treats to come.  After the preview, VIPs will have full access to the lush private mezzanine overlooking the public exhibition with their own private cash bar, side chef, video feeds and live VIP entertainment throughout the night until 2am...and yes, the Devil Girl servers as well.  VIPs also bypass the entrance lines with their own DAMNED special speedy entry!

The DAMNED festivities begin at 7pm with a VIP Preview/Artist Reception with the general public opening at 9pm until 2am.  General admission is $6.66 at the door, $5 in advance online or $5 with a canned good donation for the Gleaners Food Bank or the All About Animals no-kill animal rescue.  Discounted $5 tickets are also available at Showtime Clothing in Detroit, Noir Leather in Royal Oak and V-Male Vintage Clothing.  VIP admission is $33 at the door or $25 in advance online.  No Halloween costumes are necessary but red dressy/sexy Devil-wear is greatly encouraged. 18+ welcome.

Visit the DAMNED MySpace page at "" to get your tickets, enter our ticket giveaways and more!

We hope you join us in celebration as we bring the infamous Detroit institution of Devil's Night back to our city...without the arson, of course.

DAMNED - A Macabre Fine Art Exhibition
Devil's Night - October 30 2008 - Detroit
Tangent Gallery / Hastings St Ballroom
715 Milwaukee St E, Detroit, MI 48202

1st October 2008

2:11pm: in eternal loving peace...
It is with broken heart that I announce that Jacob, my dearest friend of 13 years and icon cat of 5, passed away the morning of September 29 2008.  He was 15 years old.

He first came into my life from a friend of my sister who could no longer keep him because of a new apartment residence.  I had another cat at the time and he was first welcomed by loud hissing and growling.  I remember his response of simply ignoring the other cat, walking past and immediately claiming my house his own.  His was definitely a quirky nonchalant persona which often resulted in me messing with him to break past this stoic demeanor to provoke reaction.

In 1998 or so, he somehow escaped the house and went missing.  I searched everywhere but after one month, I considered him lost forever.  I still remember vividly the summer day two months after he disappeared when a mangy black cat scurried past my house on the street...a somewhat familiar one.  I called out his name and he stopped, staring for a long moment before running up to me meowing loudly.  Since then, he never left my side. 

In the recent months, he was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroidism with possible heart disease and was prone to heavy fluid buildup in his lungs.  He fought hard to stay with us, dealing with countless tests, lung stints, minor operations and bothersome medications.  His final days were difficult to witness as he was no longer was the spirited feline he once was, mostly laying still unmoving with hindered breathing with no appetite.  I weighed heavily the guilty thought of taking his fate into my own hands.  On his final morning, he raised his head to greet me from his favored sleeping spot and I spent an extra long personal moment with him before I left for work.  Within a few hours afterwards, I received a call that he went peacefully in his I prayed he would within his home and amongst those who loved him most.

I already miss him dearly.  I miss seeing his head in the window waiting for me to come home.  I miss him greeting me at the door.  I miss his shadowing me everywhere I went in the house.  I miss him taking over my lap as soon as I sat in front of the computer.  I miss him fetching me his favorite crinkle ball when he decided he wanted to play.  I miss him purring contently next to me when I layed in bed to sleep.  And I know I'll miss him being nosey while I'm shooting my art.

But I also know he is at peace. 

He was cremated later that evening and part of his ashes will be spread amongst the flower bed he always overlooked outside his favorite window.

Be happy and free and forever loved, my dear friend...

(My first photo and thus my first model with my first digital camera in 2004)

18th September 2008

12:13pm: DVS @ 2 shows this weekend - Noir 25th & PAF/Streetwise!

It's a busy weekend for me...

Saturday 09/20 Noir Leather's 25th Anniversary Bash @ Crofoot
(as a member of the Syndicati Obscura dark art collective)
Located at Crofoot Ballroom, 1 South Saginaw St, Pontiac, MI
(check out the huge stage and event lineup in the flyer below)

Sunday 09/21 Streetwise Art's Erotic Gallery @ People's Art Festival
(as a member of the MidWest Society of Erotic Photography - MWSEP)
Located at Russell Industrial Ctr, Bldg 2, 1600 Clay Avenue, Detroit, MI
(check out the huge lineup in the flyer below)

I'll have new work to show off in both of them with new prints available for purchase!  Or just stop by to say "hi" and get a free "I ♥ DVS" sticker!  =P

Here are the flyers and hope to see you there!

22nd May 2008

5:50pm: Explorations at the Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative
As you may have seen in a couple posts back, I hosted an event called the Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative, a fine art nude/fetish/erotic group shoot held at the Exotica Expo in Detroit. Although I had to coordinate the nearly 100 models and photographers from all over the Midwest, I still found time to shoot a bit. The DEAC, the first of now many to come, marked my first venture away from the confines of my studio and into the chaos of uncontrolled locations. Here are the results:

Model: Lela Rae

Model: Italian Kitten

Model: Nicotine

Model: Nicotine

Model: Nicotine

Model: Nicotine

Model: Orixx

Model: Orixx

Model: Alkemie

Comments/critiques/praises welcome...

13th March 2008

4:07am: TONIGHT: DVS and Sparkly Devil on LA Ink!
A old friend and ex-Detroit burlesque dancer Sparkly Devil will be appearing on LA Ink tonight and next Thursday (March 13 & 20) at 10pm on The Learning Channel (TLC). I photographed her a few years back laying in 3000 red feathers and was contacted by the production company for use of the photo on air in their promos. So, unless I end up on the cutting room floor, check me out on TV...oh yea, and her getting inked too! big_smile

11th March 2008

1:27am: Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative @ Exotica Expo 4/26&27

Sign-up for models and photographers are now taking place.

Click the following links for detailed information and the current attendance list:

Hope to see you there!

2nd March 2008

9:26pm: New DVS art from the Dirty Show on eBay
I have 12 pieces of art placed on eBay, most new including unseen releases of the images that were featured at the international Dirty Show in February.

Only a few of each left...thanks for looking!


5th February 2008

7:11pm: New visions at the Dirty Show this weekend - "Shokushu Aijou" & "Baphomet"
This weekend, come stalk me at...

I will have three images on the hallowed walls of the dirty...including these new photographs:

"Shokushu Aijou" - translated from Japanese to 'Tentacle Love'

"Shokushu Aijou" consists of 150 gallons of home-made translucent slime, 120 lbs of real octopus and two wonderful models.

"Baphomet" - whose two hands form the sign of hermetism, expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice. The flame of intelligence shining between his horns is the mystic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it. The beast's head expresses the horror of the sinner to bear the punishment exclusively in sake of the soul. The erect male genitals symbolizes eternal life while humanity is represented by the two female breasts...the androgyn attributes that unite with the goat because they are one and the same.

"Baphomet" was created using a real goat skull, flaming orb and prosthetic male thingy.

And "Zentai Hejira" taken at Exotic 2 in Detroit, which was promoted here a month back.

If you have never been to the Dirty Show, it is an event not to be missed. 2,000 people each night will gather to view over 250 exhibits of erotic art at it's dirtiest. My work is fortunate to be included alongside erotic art greats like Annie Sprinkle, HR Giger (Alien), Sorayama, Martin HM Shreiber, Bunny Yeager (Bettie Page), Eric Kroll (Fetish Girls), Buck Angel, John U Abrahamson, Jason Beam, Chad Michael Ward, and Peggy Wauters.

For further information and directions, please visit

Comments/critique/praise welcome on my new work...

1st February 2008

12:10am: Vote for DVS as Best Detroit Artist in the Real Detroit Poll!
Even if you don't live anywhere near Detroit, I'd deeply appreciate the help in getting my name out there more.

The link is below to register for the poll and the artist section is the top of page 8.

Thank you and feel free to bug your friends to do the same! =)

27th January 2008

8:08pm: Visions of Foxy...a nude in chains

See more of Foxy's session at:

Comments/critique/praises welcome...

17th January 2008

10:22pm: DVS can do glamour too...
Every now and then, I like to move away from the intricate artistic sessions and shoot some straight glamour. Some of these are a couple months old, but not previous posted...enjoy.

[ See more of Stephanie here ]

[ See more of Melibea here ]

[ See more of Bea here ]

Comments/critique/praises welcome...

21st November 2007

11:16pm: Visions of Zentai @ the Exotica 2 Expo
As some of you have previously read, I held a little photography session with 10 models in Zentai bodysuits at the recent Exotica 2 Expo in Detroit...and here are the results:

"Zentai Taikai" - I saw a small sea of bodies in this image flowing about one another so the title translates from Japanese into "Covered Ocean".

"Zentai Hejira" - I saw an exodus of beings from within darkness towards light.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Japanese word for "exodus" so I decided to use the Latin "hejira", which means a flight from an undesirable place.

Special thanks to models (in alphabetical order) Amadeus, Chrissy, Dika, Elys3, Farril, Jade, Kajira, Libertine, Siddella and Sparkillz.

Comments/critique/praises welcome...

4th November 2007

1:13am: happy birthday... me...sing it softly...

1st November 2007

12:00am: A tribute to Day of the Dead - "Virgen de los Muertos"

Day of the Dead (or Día de los Muertos in Spanish) is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1 (All Saints' Day) and November 2 (All Souls' Day).  Though seemingly morbid from the perspective of some other cultures, Day of the Dead is a colorful and joyous time to honor the lives of the deceased and celebrate the continuation of life...that death is not the end, but rather the beginning of a new stage in life. 

My tribute combines the traditional Day of the Dead imagery of floral calaveras (skulls) and the Virgin de Guatelupe which marks my first attempt at special effects makeup.  Special thank you to the very patient model Plain Jayne Jones (more of her coming next).

Further information and history on Day of the Dead can be viewed here and here.

Comments/critique/praises welcome...

6th October 2007

5:06pm: New image - playing with tentacles...
"Shokushu Genkai" - Japanese translation: Tentacle Bondage

Yes, that is a real octopus and her actual eyes...

Comments/critique/praises welcome...

20th September 2007

7:05pm: FRIDAY: Menage a Trois @ River's Edge Gallery
Come see the art of MWSEP members Cheryl Button, BT Charles & Patricia Izzo in "Menage a Trois"
with side guests VATO, Frank Piccolo and DVS.

15th September 2007

2:10am: TODAY: Huge DVS solo gallery (& secret unveiling) @ People’s Art Festival
I was graciously given a 1000 square foot studio at the People's Art Festival and have filled it with nearly 50 of my best exotic photographs...some never shown before! PLUS I have decided to unveil a preview of a new series that is an experimental new direction within my art...Divina Soma, the nexus of spirituality and the anatomic self. You can find me inside the main building (number 2) off the music stage on the second floor next to the wine tasting. The directions are further below. Hope to see you there!


What does a world-renowned poster artist, a hospital pathologist, an underground novelist, a Detroit City Council woman, a former police officer, a sword and guillotine maker and the author of a best-selling business book have in common? They are part of an estimated 150 plus visual artists, filmmakers, musicians and other performance artists already on board to exhibit and perform at the Inaugural People's Arts Festival on September 15th, 2007 at The Russell Industrial Center located at 1600 Clay Avenue off I-75.

The People's Arts Festival is also expected to be the largest free-to-artists festival ever held in the City of Detroit. "We hope to accomplish several things through our sponsorship of the Festival," said Dennis Kefallinos, the owner of Russell Industrial Center. "First of all it's our way of saying, 'Thank You' to the artists and other creative people who have chosen to locate their studios and businesses with us. It's also a way of giving back to Detroit and proving that there's still a lot of positive enery in this city. Finally, it's a way for us to showcase this unbelievable campus. We have 7 buildings here and over 2.2 million square feet, so there's still plenty of room for people who are interested in joining our community."

Among the dozens of visual artists will be legendary Detroit poster artist Gary Grimshaw, Mark Arminki (a globally-renowned painter and poster maker), Pete Traskal, Megan Jones, Ryan Matthews, Amy Memminger, Mike Kelley, Steven Dunn, Audry Pongracz, Jeff White, Robert Stewart, Julie Fournier, Lisolette Gilcrest, Marc Nischan, Matt Feazell, Emily Slade, Andy Kem and Sarah Lipinski.

Confirmed musical acts include (among others): Jill Jack; Audra Kubit; The Loftees w/Johnny Chrome; The Cetan Clawson Revolution; NOMAN; Circus Boy Detroit; Imperial Empire; and thtx.

NooMoon and Causing a Scene are among the scheduled performance artists.

Filmmakers are scheduled to present a series of short films.

Food and beverage service will be offered by Niki's Pizza, Loco's Mexican Cuisine.

The Russell Industrial Center is right off of I-75 and the Clay/W. Grand Blvd. exit (north of Mack, south of 7 mile)

Once you get off that exit, it's on the SouthEast side of the road. Big sign.... enter off of Clay

27th August 2007

7:19pm: Iris revisited - Experimentations with projection
This session with the most wonderful Iris was supposed to be a continuation of the "ash" series, but instead became a different experimentation altogether with a recently purchased high-definition digital video projector. The technique used was much more than mere projection of an image on the nude body as seen many times before, but more of the use of the projector as another light source. As always, nothing was added digitally in post.

This is definitely an experimentation worth exploring further...

See the rest of the session at:

Comments/critiques/praises welcome...

Dark Vision Studio

27th July 2007

12:48am: "Summerotica" @ Severance Gallery this weekend - Saturday July 28th
Friends, collectors and artlovers, Summerotica - the inaugural
exhibit of the Midwest Society of Erotic Photography will kick off
with a packed artists' reception this Saturday, July 28th at 9:00
p.m.  Don't miss your chance to be involved in this event!

The show will include the amazing talents and artistic pioneers
Cheryl Button, BT Charles, CKreationz, DVS, Johnny Flamethrower,
Patricia Izzo, AJ Kahn, K Leo, Dave Levingston, Gary M, Chris Maher,
Frank Piccolo, Bob Pope, Bob Randall, Irakly Shanidze, Allan I.
Teger, Stephen Thorne, VATO, and Jim Young.

The show promises to be breathtaking and this two-story group exhibit
will be monumental in that it will be the first time that this
collection of artists will be featured under the same roof in an
expose' dedicated to Erotic Photography.  Unlike similar exhibits
around the country, there will be no charge to come out and enjoy the
photography and plenty of opportunities to get to talk to other
artists and erotica enthusiasts alike. 

Hope to see you there!

MidWest Society of Erotic Photography

Severance Gallery
2714 Riopelle Street
Detroit, MI 48207

2nd June 2007

12:04pm: Visions of Kajira
The first image was planned thouroughly using a star filter and developed just as wonderful as envisioned...

The rest of the session has unexpectedly become very sacred to me. It began simply as covering the captivating Kajira in gently sifted ash and mud to find beauty within its filth. After she showered and left, I placed in one of those soul-searching CDs and began reviewing the images...and begun seeing something different...something unexpected that mere beauty-in-filth images. I remembered where the ashes came from. I remembered what they once meant to me. Years ago, through a period of personal torment and pain from a relationship, I decided to cleanse. Cleanse the self and soul of all remnants of this pain. Cleanse all through the purity of fire.
All that was once beautiful
that fell fast beneath nothing
burning within a flash
as the moments were lived
enflaming towards ash
smolderings smothered
in bitter spit-wine
to blackened filth
in darkness
for a moment
for a final word
from filth
to beauty
once more

So...what was veiled upon her skin was more than mere soot and ash. They were the remnants of discarded hopes, passions and dreams, once mighty and great then denied and forgotten. A simple exploration of ashen beauty uncovered a radiantly emotive phoenix silently rising by way of Kajira's moving poses of reflection, solace and serenity. Perhaps she felt a powerful dormant essence enshrouding her...guiding her. I'll never ask as, in my mind, I already know the answer.

Then this image was just for fun...

See the rest of the session at:

Comments/critiques/praises welcome...

25th April 2007

4:43pm: This weekend - DVS @ Exotica Kinkfest @ Leland

What happens when one of the key figures of Hollywood's legendary BONDAGE BALL, FETISH DISCO, AND KINK! meets up with one of Detroit's most established promoters?

Detroit is about to experience an event of a new kind. Chaos productions, Detroit's most known alternative modeling and talent agency have teamed up with Vena, one of LA's most acclaimed fetish models.

Exotica is designed to be a convention of a different kind. Vendors and workshops by day and the wildest and sexiest parties by night. Exotica is a convention made for the Erotic side of sex. Anything from sexy lingerie to toys and lubricant.

Friday night we will kick off with two fashion shows and smaller shows as a prelude to Saturday night . Saturday night is our Masquerade Ball complete with our sexy VIP room. Large performances and wild dance music.

Confirmed Vendors are:

Dream X Streams - bondage furniture

Wiked and Grey Gargoyle

"Thee Inferno" from Chicago

DITC fashions from New York

Super Bitch magazine

Evil minds inc. - Tatoo and peircings

My Tulip - adult toys

Noir Leather - fetish store

Clever Designs - graphic art and printing

DVS photography

And special guest and models

Jessica Rabbit hosting "the rabbit hole"

Monique, detroit's sexy fashion model, living it up in the rabbit hole

Kajira, one of our local fetish models

Cyfar, fire performer, fire never looked so hot!

Lana - bellydance detroit!

Also confirmed DJ's: DJ Darks Choire, DJ Audio flesh, and DJ Glamazon

This event is brought to you by:
CHAOS PRODUCTIONS- The most established and respected organization in Michigan representing alternative acts such as Fetish Models, Go Go dancers, Tattoo'd strippers, Fire Performers and Bizarre Carnival Acts. For over a decade, Chaos Productions has been a key player in Detroit's most reknowned fetish and erotic events.

VENA- Fetish Model & Performer from Los Angeles and one of the key figures in such reknowned events as
Bondage Ball, Fetish Disco, and Kink!.

EXOTICA is an 18+ Event. Since our site contains adult oriented material, you must also be 18+ to be added to our Myspace site.

Also our show will be featuring one of our most exotic famous models, Monique. Monique will be in the vip room, "the rabbit hole" helping host the night with sexy and bubbly celeb Jessica Rabbit!

18th April 2007

7:47pm: Layne Conn...may you forever be in peace
Layne Conn, a close and dear friend of mine of a dozen or so years, passed away in his sleep on April 1 2007.  A fellow photographer, scenester and generally a wonderful human being, he will be missed by many whose life he has touched.  We will in rememberance this Saturday (4/21) on the 3rd floor lounge of Mephisto's in Hamtramck from 9pm until 2am to share our stories and enjoy the many photographs he took of all us all throughout the years.  There will also be a enlarged photo of him to sign our wishes, which will be sent to him within a flaming tribute at the end of the night.  Please stop by any time of the night to say hello, have a drink in his name and remember his life.  The will be no cover at the door for this.

If you wish, you can add a comment on his MySpace page at:

Mephisto's is located at:

2764 Florian St
Hamtramck, MI

You will be truly missed, my dear friend...

15th April 2007

3:56pm: Visions of Xaina
The first two were created using a hand-built clear plastic light table, translucent fabrics and lots of tiny lights. The last floating nude was also using the same table. =)

View more of Xaina's session at:

Or visit me on MySpace:

21st March 2007

9:43pm: New visions of Siddella - Transcendence Series (Artistic Nudity Warning)
It's been a while since I've sent new session updates, but I "have" been here are the latest sessions with Siddella that begins a new series requiring definition...Transcendence. On appearance, some of the images may appear simply as gore, kink or something darkly sinister. But, as with life, simplicity can be deceptively complex and appearances can mask the true essence of self. This series represents transcendence beyond boundaries perceived by mortality, emotion and anima. Light from beyond above pain...the beginning within the end. (Note: The last image "Absolution" was featured at Dirty Show 8 in Feb 2007)

View more of Siddella's session at:

Or visit me on MySpace:

18th March 2007

11:01am: A new addition to the family...
May I introduce to you...Kali Ma (yes, you are seeing 6 toes and a double claw on her paws). ^-^

"Thou art the Beginning of all, Creatrix, Protectress, and Destructress that Thou art" - Shiva in the Mahanirvana-tantra

2nd March 2007

5:30pm: 03.08.07 Hush: A Dirty Show Fine Art Photographer Showcase

Pulse Lounge • Thursday, March 8, 2007

From Detroit's own internationally acclaimed Dirty Show® emanates a more intimate exhibition of fine art nude photography entitled "Hush: A Dirty Show Photographer Showcase, Series One". Opening on March 08 2007 at Pulse Lounge in Detroit, the Hush exhibit will feature elegant sensual works of four specially selected Detroit-area photographers showcased at recent and past Dirty Show® events. These photographers are:

- BT Charles (, whose vintage-inspired erotic photographs have recently been published in "The New Erotic Photography" by Taschen Publishing as well as showcased at The World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Florida. BT is also a featured artist in the upcoming Colin Duerr film on Detroit Erotic Artists, tentatively due sometime in 2007.

- Chris Maher (, who has earned a living as a fine art photographer for more than 25 years, also co-authored the book "50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques" as well as written regular columns in Shutterbug Magazine and eDigital Photo Magazine. His current work includes his "Spirit Series" photographs of sensual anthropomorphic smoke and "Figure Series", a continuing exploration of the female form in nature and studio.

- DVS (, whose goddess-inspired spiritual photography reflects a fascination in shadowplay, uncovers the emotive persona within his imagery. His work, featured in Photographer's Forum "Best of 2005" book of international collected works, and pseudonym, a play on the word "devious", clearly reflects the definition of "departing from the common norm".

- Danielle Kaltz a 'shoot from the hip' type of photographer whose approach grants her 'slices of life' that most would not keep in this digital age. Ranging from modern digital cameras to antiques refitted with current film sizes, the results are much like old 'flash bulb' memories purposely cropped oddly or softly out of focus to reveal an aura of intrigue.

The opening artist reception begins at 6pm on Thursday, March 08 2007 and will continue at Pulse Lounge until March 31 2007. Most works will be available for purchase. Pulse (, Detroit's simple, yet sophisticated cocktail lounge, is located at 156 Monroe Street in downtown Detroit.

6th February 2007

6:30pm: Reset...
Although not many of you noticed, I dissappeared. I dissappeared within a one month sabbatical/retreat from life. It was a month of essentially nothing. An isolation I literally feared would tear at me. Torment. No cellphones, PDAs, computers, internet, radio, cable or any communication whatsoever. No junk foods, sodas, alcohol, nicotine, sweets or any other gluttonies. No sex (eep), no job, no schedules, no projects, no "gottas" and no "shoulds". I only read, wrote thoughts, discovered new beliefs, learned to meditate, slept when tired, cooked when hungry, ate simple foods, drank lots of water and generally cleansed the body and mind of old ways. And somewhere along the way, it became (and still is) the most spiritually inspiring moment of my life. A much needed and long overdue life "reset". At times, it was quite rough to give up basically everything in life, be alone and live somewhat like a monk, but it's a wonderful moment when you actually realize that you feel what life is truly about.

Now, coming back to the realities of here and now, I already feel the struggle to hold on to the path I discovered for myself, but I'm confident that I'll have a harmony of minimalist idealisms, life and art soon enough. Unfortunately, I'm not quite ready to "give it all away" and be truly free, but perhaps one day...

4th November 2006

12:27pm: Life...death...rebirth...(in loving remembrance)
Today marks a special 10 year anniversary of life, death and rebirth...the beginning of what makes me who I am today...

- Prologue -

There was this sweet angel of a girl. Her name was Priya. A girl whose physical beauty was wonderfully complimented by the beauty of her inner light. A dear friend amongst a circle of close friends whom did many things together as a group. Clubs. Parties. Theatre. Festivals. Nearly everything. And everywhere she went, she always carried her shy closed-mouth smile.

But she had a flaw as beauty always does...two actually. A heroin addiction and a controlling boyfriend who nurtured it. Actually, it was an addiction to both that slowly created turmoil within the circle...and between us. I remember offering a quiet ear when she needed to express the conflict within...sometimes a shoulder for her pain-filled tears. However, in time comes the realization that you cannot help those who will not help themselves. And within that time, somehow, we parted ways.

Fast-forward six months. I was helping a new friend move into her new house. I remember vividly the beautiful sunny day when my cellphone rang. It was Priya. I listened as she told me her now ex-boyfriend became physically abusive...he was now in jail for she took back her life...and that she put herself through rehab. She has been clean for four months and needed positive people within her new path in life. And her first thought was of me. I knew this took much courage to do this...both rehab and the call. I told her how very proud I was of her and coincidentally, had an extra ticket to see "Everything But The Girl" that night and invited her.

The concert was amazing. We stood about ten feet from the stage and sang all our favorite songs. When the song "Missing" began to play, I asked her to dance...and we twirled as much as we could on the crowded concert floor. She later confessed that it was the first time she ever danced with anyone. We quickly became friends again. Having fun once again with me finding much joy seeing her within her new life. I was deeply proud of her. Deeply.

Then she disappeared. Without a word. After a couple weeks, and through her parents, I found her. The "ex" was released from jail, came back into her life...and brought with him the gift of her old addiction. I was angry. Disappointed. I felt betrayed. With much conviction, she told me how she loved him and couldn't leave him. I've heard this too many times before and know all too well its consequences. And we drifted apart once again.

Fast-forward two months. The next day was November birthday. I knew my friends were planning something sinister. And they didn't fail me. We literally took over the Magic Stick downtown as all my friends, close and casual, were there. We drank...played pool...bowled...and chummed together. At one point, amongst the countless shots and drinks, I was gang chased around the bar and held bent over on the pool table as some gave their complimentary spankings. It was literally the best birthday I've had in my entire life. Fun with a capital F-U-N! I was driven home around 4 or 5am and slept the next day away. Well, most of the day until the phone began ringing. I answered. It was Priya's mother. With her frail voice, she told me that the boyfriend was put back in jail again for drug possession a few days back. And last night, Priya, left alone in their apartment...took a gun...and ended her life...


- Epilogue -

As I lived within a year of painful guilt, blame and regret, I moved inwards. Explored. And discovered new ways of expressing what I felt, thought and lived. New artistic mediums beginning with poetry, then sculpture, photography and finally, a film script that I feel encompasses all the emotions, mediums and release of those darkened days.

Odd how one's death can become awakening for another. The end to become the beginning. But also, what a fitting live, learn and grow from her life...and life itself. And through this, she lives eternally.

May your spirit find the peace that eluded it in life
3:07am: Happy birthday to me...
Sing, damn it!!!

3rd November 2006

4:43pm: Motor City Art Expo 3 & me
I will be one of the dozens of artists showcasing their lastest work at the upcoming Motor City Art Expo. This will also be the first time I am actually selling prints of 50 of my favorite images. The info and flyer is below so if you're in the area, stop in and say "hello".

Motor City Art Expo 3
Wednesday November 08 2006
7pm - $5 cover

Emerald Theatre
31 N Walnut St
Mount Clemens, MI
(586) 913.1920

Posters, prints, small press, photography exhibit, art, comics

Also perfromances by CASP and special guests Candy Pants Burlesque

31st October 2006

9:30pm: A Hallowed visions of Mandy

View more of Mandy's session at:

11th October 2006

10:08pm: This Sat: Studio Seen, Take One - Art, music & martial arts (& DVS)

Light and Shadow Photography & Rising Dragon present:

studio seen, take one

Hosts: Lee Runchey, Paul Von Schadd & Cal Simmons

Art and photography from Mare Costello, DVS, Gwen Joy, Em Pelton, Betzi, Dave Lingle, Radar Media, Chuk Nowak, Marie Kidd, Fuzzytek, Allison Glen, Jaku, Serge Gay, Angela Galea, Scott Humphrey, Niekoh Vardas, Stephanie Sturton, Courtney Dailey and Dan Padilla.

Music and martial arts demos.

Plus, you might be invited to step in front of the camera during a live photo shoot and become the face for the Silver Media Group, Detroit's arts, entertainment and lifestyle PR agency.

21+ are welcome

BF Goodrich Building
E. Jefferson Ave. between Alter & Ashland
(Next to 14815 E. Jefferson)
Detroit, MI 48215

21st September 2006

7:50pm: DVS @ the Dirty Show this weekend!
Come see me and my new work Fri and/or Sat night at:

(click the image for more details)

Last Day of Summer, First Day of Fall - Dirty Show 7.5

Friday-Sunday September 22-24 2006

18+ with Photo ID

Bert's Warehouse Theater

2739 Russell St

Detroit, MI 48207

In Eastern Market

For more info & tickets:

11th September 2006

9:43pm: O.o
Open thy heart and not thy eyes to see...

4th August 2006

5:14pm: Siddella Revisited - More zentai & Soul Unbound

See more of Siddella's session at:

22nd May 2006

12:02am: See me this Wed (5/24) @ Motor City Art Expo 2
Emerald Theatre Presents
Motor City Art Expo 2

Rock Posters and Prints
Small Press Exhibition
Photography Exhibit
Original Art

Tickets $5
7pm Doors

[ Click Here To View Event ]

Come check out some of Metro Detroit's hottest local artists including:

Sean Bieri
Matt Feazel
Michaelangelo Cicerone
Andy Kocis
Carl Lundgren
Gary Grimshaw
Leni Sinclair
Matt Busch
Sarah Wilkinson
Bob Stewart
Gwen Joy
Jim Mackey
John Boissy
Frances Cocagne
Pete Trudgeon
Aaron Trudgeon
Nate Higley
Barb Houcke
Marty Hirchak
Mark Dancey
Suzanne Baumann
Eric Hodson

Performances by:
Noir Leather
Causing A Scene

Sounds by:
DJ Limecoat Craig

Emerald Theatre
31 N Walnut St
Mount Clemens, MI

16th May 2006

12:41am: Naughty Tip #33
At a wonderful place called Marvelous Marvin's Mechanical Museum ( in Farmington Hills, MI, there's a plethora of amazing old carnival games including one particular "fun" one. It's an old "test of strength" machine with a animated mechanical life-sized man in the booth and two metal orbs. The object is to hold on to the orbs as long as you can as it send low amperage electricity through your hands via the orbs as it verbally taunts you. Now here's where the fun begins:

1) Put in your two quarters
2) Grab a loved one (or a reasonable facsimile)
3) Each grab one orb but don't touch each other
4) Moisten your own lips
5) As the jolts begin...kiss

It will be one of the most electrifying kisses you may have had since your first. =D Only the daring will use tongue. =P A cheap violet wand/ray device for those that "know" what that is and it's "fun" use. ;)

Note: An odd taste and tingling sensation will last for about 30 minutes. My fillings felt weird too. :|

14th April 2006

12:05am: Sat 04.15.06 - Original Sin Exhibition @ Metro Image Gallery
You are cordially invited to attend the artist reception for the Original Sin Exhibition at the new Metro Image Gallery in Detroit.

This collection of 60+ images by 14 of Detroit's best photographers has been held over by popular demand.  So come mingle with photographers and models alike for an exotic good time with free food and drinks.

Saturday, April 15, 2006
4 pm - 10 pm

Click Here To View Event

Metro Image Gallery

138 Cadillac Square
Fourth Floor
Detroit, MI 48226

Hope to see you there!

Anthony (DVS)
Dark Vision Studio

8th April 2006

2:15pm: Oh no...
Talking cats...

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